Less Bad

a blog


The intended core thread of this blog is abolition of severe suffering for all sentient beings. Key topics include suffering-focused ethics, anti-speciesism, effective altruism, wild-animal suffering, transhumanism, consciousness (including exotic states thereof), and announcement and updates on concrete projects.

The goal is to facilitate discussion and idea sharing in abolitionist and broader effective altruism communities so that in the end we pursue more effective projects towards suffering abolition. At the same time, some posts can be more introductory, aiming at wider audiences.

In these early[1] days of the blog, Nil is the sole author of the blog. However, anyone is invited to propose their text to be published on the blog.

  1. The blog went online on Sep 22, 2021. (The first post has an earlier publication date because it is actually a repost from the EA Forum.) ↩︎